Museum Innovation collection

Since 2008 when Chullery started the co-branding collaboration with National Palace Museum, the national treasures have been the main thesis that constructed a series of exquisite collection. Appropriating gorgeous gems and jades, the designer focuses on oriental fashion, redefining the cultural history of jewelry.

“Good for Generations to Come” necklace “Good for Generations to Come” necklace The design features the seal of Chien- lung emperor in Qing dynasty. He sealed the paintings and calligraphy works that he deemed suitable to pass down to the offspring. The design therefore bears the meaning of heirloom. It is a novel attempt to transform a seal into a piece of jewelry. The designer not only integrates the beauty of Chinese characters, but illustrates the delight of life as well as the cultural cultivation.

Materials: coral, diamonds, 18k gold
“Ju-i” coral necklace “Ju-i” coral necklace As a Chinese proverb goes, “One has his thoughts, and you have yours; it’s a bless to be able to fulfill your thoughts without asking the others' help. Ju-i is a kind of auspicious object, an elegant entertainer for the gentry in ancient time, a Buddhist object, and a precious gift granted by the emperor to the courtiers. Ju-i is, moreover, a word of best wishes. This piece of design makes a reference to Silver Gemmed Ju-i of Qing Dynasty representing the ancient court art with modern high-tech micro inlays.

Materials: seed pearl, coral, ruby, sapphire, 18k gold
Cloud motif brooch Cloud motif brooch This piece of design is inspired by a part of court necklaces worn by the emperors in Qing dynasty. The figure is called Bai Yuen, which is worn at the back, symbolizing a good sign of “brand new start of everything.” The designer made good use of the micro-setting technique of seed pearl that allowed the lucky cloud to wind around. The work is added with much sense of bless, elegance, and modern taste— a great symbol of Chinese luck “Everything goes back to the beginning with a brand new start,” and of the expectation of good luck and endless bless.

Material: white jade, seed pearl, coral, 18k gold
“Fish swimming in spring” pendant “Fish swimming in spring” pendant Featuring the National treasure “Qing Chien-lung Revolving Vase in Floral and Fish Motif,” this work is delicately set with one millimeter coral beads. With different configuration of lights and shades, the fine coral beads animate the golden fish, making it swim carefreely in the water. The waterweed of jadeite adorns the k-gold carved window, just as a beautiful scene of the spring comes into view.

Material: coral, jadeite, sapphire and 18k gold.
“Auspiciousness” pendant “Auspiciousness” pendant Endless Knot is one of the Eight Auspicious symbols, a continuous, ceaseless sign symbolizing ongoing luckiness and fortune. This work uses seed pearl to set the Endless Knot pattern on the pendant, with the pendant made up with teardrop-shaped red coral being large and smooth, which makes it a rare and precious work.

Material: coral, pearl, 18k gold
“Plum &Vase” brooch/pendant “Plum &Vase” brooch/pendant The painting and calligraphy collected in the museums are often exquisitely delicate and beautifully well-meaning. Among these works, the designer, inspired from the beautiful flowers in the vase, transforms the flat painting into a piece of stereoscopic work. This enchanting work is a brooch as well as a pendant.

Material: white jade, coral, 18k gold
Nail Guards necklace Nail Guards necklace 指甲套項鍊 Jewelry has been playing an important role in human history. The empress Dowager Cixi once said, “What’s the meaning of life if a woman does not dress herself up?” The nail guards worn by queens and concubines in Qing Dynasty were one of the major characteristics of Qing jewelry. Together with strings of pearls, the traditional nail guards have become a stylish classic.

Material: gilt filigreed silver, pearl
“ju-i” necklace “ju-i” necklace 開心如意項鍊 Nothing can be more contenting than fulfilling one’s will in a life time. This necklace is unique in that the pendent features “white jade” besetting with coral,and the heart-shaped corall at the other side. When wearing, the necklace needs to be spread a little bit, which is the reason why it has the name “pleasant and auspicious” necklace. Wearing this jewels around the neck is wishing for good mood and auspiciousness.

Material:White jade, coral, 14k gold necklace, 18k gold
“Kalachakra” necklace “Kalachakra” necklace 白玉十相自在項鍊 “Kalachakra” means ten types of freedom. Away from the chain of weariness, the body and mind are both carefree, with no impediments or worries. This is the pattern of sacred consciousness and mighty strength from Tibetan Buddhism. Thus it is designed as a pendent that can be carried and worn all the time, which holds the meaning of satisfaction, nobility, auspiciousness and fulfillment.

Material: White jade, 18k gold
White jade “blessed child” ebony bangle White jade “blessed child” ebony bangle 白玉福童檀木手環 Ebony is a kind of rare and high-class wood in the world. The square bangle is embedded with silver thread with the pattern meaning auspiciousness and fulfillment. The delicate jade carving of the child represents the beauty of elegance and the bangle radiate a sense of modern design.

Material: White jade, ebony embedded with silver thread, silver
“Everlasting happiness” bracelet “Everlasting happiness” bracelet 無垠八吉手環 “Endless knot” is the significant one of Chinese eight auspicious symbols as well as an important classic in Chinese knot design, representing everlasting happiness.

Material: Silver, stainless steel
“Cloud and dragon” bracelet “Cloud and dragon” bracelet 龍如意手環 Dragon is an auspicious symbol of Chinese culture. It is the symbol of ace, kindness and benignity. The cloud pattern of embedded silver thread also means a sign of luck. The Chinese pronunciation of “Dragon” is the homonym of “all” in Taiwanese, and therefore this bracelet means “all lucky.”

Material:Red sandalwood embedded with silver thread, silver
“Forever Happy” pendant “Forever Happy” pendant 代代有福鍊墜 Gourd is homophonic to “good fortune” in Chinese. Micro-set with pearl and coral, the pendant radiate subtlety and elegance.

Material:Coral, seed pearl, 18K gold
“Ju-I” Fragrance Pouch necklace “Ju-I” Fragrance Pouch necklace 如意白玉香包項鍊 Derived from a museun collection “Bluish Jade Openwork Fragrance Pouch Q’ing Dynasty”, this pendant is a recreation of the classic and preservation of the essence of culture.

Material:White jade, coral, onyx
“Longevity” Fragrance Pouch necklace “Longevity” Fragrance Pouch necklace 團壽碧玉香包項鍊 Derived from a museum collection “Bluish Jade Openwork Fragrance Pouch Q’ing Dynasty”, this necklace features the design of Longevity meaning the best wishes for a long and healthy life.

Material:Jasper, coral, onyx
“The Bronze Age” pendant “The Bronze Age” pendant 青銅年代白玉鍊墜 The beast faces on the bronzewares in ancient China are aimed to ward off evil things, and it’s the motif of the pendant with a vivid feature.

Material:White jade, coral, 18K gold
“Ju-I” bangle “Ju-i” bangle 如意環繞手鐲 Derived from “Jasper Ju-i of Qing Dynasty”, the bangle is decorated with coral Ju-i symbolizing everlasting happiness.

Material:Jasper, coral, 18K gold
White jade bracelet/rosary of dragon motif White jade bracelet/rosary of dragon motif 雲龍自在108顆白玉手串 This dragon design originates from a museum collection” Dragon Disc of Chou Dynasty” and has the meaning of endless continuation in life circle.