The founder of brands

Ms. Lin Fang Chu, the founder of “LIN FANG CHU” and “CHULLERY” jewelry brands, majored in History, is often called a “time traveler and preserver of royal jewelry”.

Setting sail with a free heart, she plays the unlimited game of creation.
Nourished by the study of History and with multiple cultural nutrition, she has been adoring the abundant elements of the past, which enriching her unique aesthetic creation, and devoting herself into the world of oriental art of jewelry.

With the touch “classical yet modern”, “stylish but vintage”, her work features the move of history, the implication of auspiciousness and fashion.

From Palace to Paris,
She designed a pendant
originated from Chien lung emperor’s seal.
She exhibited her installation jewelry art at Art Decoratif Musee.
She has been reputed to be a “museum jewelry designer”.

Generally speaking, Ms. Lin’s designs reflect directly the commotion and leap in a certain aspect of the society in Taiwan. On the other hand it reveals the inheritance of traditional culture. Still she absorbs massively the global messages and merges with what she has to create.

Her work radiates the unique passionate power of life in Taiwan, bravery to break rules to create with the experimental spirit of the postmodernism of western world. Thus for so many years she has been creating infinite possibilities in jewelry art.